How are cookies used in our website?

We use cookies and analogue tools in our websites in order to enhance their performances and improve our user’s experience. This document explains how this policy is implemented.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files that a website can set on your computer or mobile device at your first visit of a site or of a webpage. Cookies enable the internet site (or another website) to recognise the device at the next visit. Web beacons and other similar files are based on the same principle. We use the term “cookies” in this document in order to talk about all the files that gather information in such way.
Cookies can have many functions: for instance they can help us remember your user name and your preferences, or analyse our site performances or recommend contents that we believe are more useful for you and your experience.
In the reserved areas or in the back-office tools only some cookies can contain personal information. Apart from those cases the rest of the cookies do not collect information that identify the user, indeed they contain more general information as, for example, the way in which users reach our site, how they use it or their general location.

Which kind of cookies is used in this particular site?
In general our cookies have from one to four different functions:

1. Strictly necessary Cookies
Some cookies are strictly necessary for our website functioning. For example some cookies enable us to detect our users and provide them access to our reserved pages. If a user chooses to disable cookies, he will be prevented from accessing our reserved pages contents.

2. Performance Cookies
Other cookies are used to analyse how our users navigate throughout our website thus monitoring its performances. This enables us to provide a high quality experience by tailoring our offer and rapidly identifying and solving eventual issues. For instance we could use cookies in order to track which are the most popular pages, which is the most effective method to surf throughout the pages and to determine the reason of some errors that can eventually show up. We could indeed use our cookies in order to stress out some items or services inside our site that could be of your interest on the basis of your website use.

3. Functionality Cookies
This kind of cookies enable us to remember your preferences. For example cookies spare the writing of your user’s name every time that you have access to the site and enable you to upload your preferences and personalize your site experience.
We use these cookies also to provide advanced services as the possibility to watch an online video and send a comment to a blog.

4. Cookie for behaviour-based advertising
Our advertisers and we use cookies in order to provide relevant advertising for you on the basis of your interests. For example if you read a certain number of articles about car racing on our site or on other sites, a car manufacturer could realise that you are interested in this topic and provide you his own car advertising. It is then possible for you to see this advertising in our site or in other websites that you could possibly visit. Indeed we will never tell to our advertisers who you are and we will never deliver your personal information to them.

Are cookies of this site used by someone else?
Advert providers use sometimes their cookies in order to deliver aimed advertising. For example advert providers can use a profile that they have built on other sites that you have visited before in order to deliver more aimed advertising during your website surfing. We believe that this can be useful for our customers, i.e. to see advertising that could be more relevant to them. If you live in an EU-country and would like to know more about the use of cookies by advert providers or about how to choose not to receive them, you can have a look at the following website . If you are a resident in the USA, please check the following link:

Google Analytics Cookies
Our website uses Google Analytics by Google, Inc. This service provides statistics for site measurements and performance analysis through the use of Cookies. In order to consult the Google Analytics privacy information check the page: For the Google privacy policy, check the following page:

Google AdWords & Google Remarketing Cookies
Our internet site could eventually use Google AdWords and Google Remarketing technologies. Both features are managed by Google Inc. Also the monitoring of conversions by AdWords is based on cookies. In order to help tracking sales and other conversions a cookie is added to a user’s computer in the moment in which the user clicks on and advert. This cookie lasts 30 days and doesn’t collect nor monitor information that could personally identify the user. Users can disable Google cookies for conversions monitoring in their own internet browser settings. In some cases cookies can cause issues at the moment of the access or during navigation inside your AdWords account. When this occurs, the best way to correct the issue is to empty your cache and eliminate the stored cookies from your Internet browser. If you want to know more, have a look at the following link by cliccking here Indeed the user can disable the most difficult cookies of Google Analytics by downloading a specific browser plug-in that you can find at the following URL

Facebook Cookies
Our site could also use cookies by Facebook Inc. in order to monitor Facebook Ads campaigns and eventual remarketing actions. Please, click here for more information according to Facebook cookies:

Can one of our website users block cookies?
As we have explained before cookies help obtaining the best performances from our websites. At the first access to our internet site you are shown a message in a window explaining that by continuing accessing to our site you agree upon the use of cookies.
The user can oppose to the registration of persistent cookies on his hard drive by configuring the navigation browser in order to disable them. Discover how to disable cookies in the main browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera. Indeed after this operation some functions of the webpages could work incorrectly.

Are our e-mails tracked?
Our e-mails and messages can contain a so called "web beacon pixel" in order to know, if they are actually read and to verify eventual clicks on links or on advertising present in their text. We can use this information in order to determine which ones of our e-mails are more interesting and ask to the users that don’t open our e-mails, if they wish receiving them or not, or to inform our providers about the total number of clicks on their advertising by our users. A "web beacon pixel" will be eliminated when the e-mail containing it is eliminated. If you don’t want to receive any "web beacon pixel", you can just ask us to receive mails as plain texts and not in the HTML format.

Further information
More details about the use of cookies by companies at: